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Chris Robinson

Next Gen Systems
Graduate Research Assistant
Louisville KY
Generally speaking, I like to talk with folks about just about anything. I started my academic career in college majoring in Math and Physics, and a pseudo-minor in Computer Science (there's a lot of math overlap, but only two lines on the diploma application) following a pretty geeky high-school experience rich in engineering extracurriculars, rapid recall, and D&D.

My first research experience followed the completion of my Freshman year at Centre College, during which summer I joined a project modeling crystal growth with cellular automata and built a computer out of 7400 series ICs (those were separate projects).

As an undergrad, I had my first exposure to Alan Turing's work and became deeply fascinated by algorithms and autonomy, and on graduating decided to switch to Electrical Engineering so I could create AIs and build robots. For my Master's research I primarily worked on machine learning algorithms for procedural problem solving, with a small dose of Turing-inspired mathematical biology on the side for good measure.

After completing the program, I worked with a startup in Louisville where I developed a host of projects, including environmental monitoring hardware, data analysis software, and educational electronics kits.

A couple years into that, a co-worker convinced me that I should parlay my space obsession into trips there, so I quit my job, went back for my PhD, got a part-time job in the Chemical Engineering department working with automated catalyst production systems, and joined the NGS group for research, which catches us up to now!

Also I just got back from my first conference abroad, I'll talk your ear off about that if you let me.

Talk to me about AI, The Martian, algorithms, robots, space, D&D, Firefly, nuclear power, Rick & Morty, foxes, electronics, backyard science projects and pretty much anything remotely close to any of those things.

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, September 2

12:00pm PDT